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Wilmington Downtown Circulation Study. Wilmington, Delaware.

Working with the Wilmington Initiatives partnership, WRA conducted a comprehensive transportation study throughout Wilmington’s business district and riverfront areas with emphasis on improving pedestrian experience and transit circulation.

Central themes, identified through WRA’s extensive public outreach process, focused on multimodal streets and transportation improvements along seven downtown corridors. The goal was to make these Complete Streets supporting all modes of travel. WRA developed VISUM and Synchro models to aid in signal optimization and predict changes in travel patterns based on anticipated development. Acceptable levels of service could be provided at essentially all of downtown Wilmington’s 115 signalized intersections without any street widening simply through signal timing improvements. Moreover, many intersections were expected to operate at level of service A or B, indicating opportunities to reallocate street space along these corridors for pedestrian and bicycle use and/or additional on-street parking. When completed, these changes will result in dramatically improved accommodations for pedestrians and bicyclists, encouraging Wilmington’s vision of a vibrant, flourishing downtown.

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