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SHA SIRE On-Call Bridge Construction Inspection. Maryland.

WRA provided construction inspection services to MSHA Structure Inspection & Remedial Engineering (SIRE) as part of two consecutive on-call contracts providing construction management and inspection services for statewide bridge repair contracts.

Twelve bridge construction inspectors are assigned to a contractor’s crew and dispatched throughout the state to perform both emergency and scheduled repairs to the state’s 3,000 + inventory of bridges and as well as 2,000 minor structures (less than 20’) and culverts. They work in a cooperative effort with their assigned construction crew to complete each contract package prepared by the SIRE engineers or consultant engineers. Each assignment requires the inspector’s careful review of the contract package, assessment of cost estimates and monitoring of compliance with all regulatory permits, including those required for lane closures and work in environmentally sensitive areas. Contract assignments also include many minor resurfacing or small paving projects to adjust or modify roadway sections at bridge approaches.