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Narberth Open Space Implementation Plan. Narberth, Pennsylvania.

WRA performed community-based planning services for the borough of Narberth, Pennsylvania to improve multimodal transportation, roadway stormwater management, and streetscape elements.

A needs analysis was performed through public participation activities such as community questionnaires, key stakeholder meetings, and an organized community bike ride to determine how pedestrian and bicycle facilities within this walkable community could be improved. Recommended pedestrian improvements included providing safe connections to key destinations, such as the Wynnewood Shopping Center, and establishing shared bike lanes to enhance active transportation. Improvements to Windsor Avenue, proposed for construction in 2017, include traffic calming measures, such as narrowing lanes, redirecting traffic flow, incorporating curb extensions, and providing street trees to frame the street and visually slow traffic. The Windsor Avenue improvements also include evaluating the existing stormwater system and providing a system of BMPs, such as bioretention, sand filters, underground storage, and pervious pavement.