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MDTA On-Call CMI Services Contracts. Baltimore, Maryland.

WRA provided comprehensive construction management and inspection (CMI) services for four consecutive MDTA contracts. To date, over 100 task assignments accounting for over $30 million in CMI services were issued.

WRA task assignments ranged from providing supplemental construction inspection personnel for varied system preservation contracts including safety improvements, bridge painting, etc. to providing an entire team of CMI personnel to manage large contracts such as Chesapeake Bay Bridge suspension cable retrofits.

As the Executive of the Joint Ventures, WRA is responsible for contract financial management. WRA currently has 15 CMI managers, inspectors, schedulers and construction contract support personnel assigned through our active MDTA “on–call” CMI contracts. The project tasks include: bridge reconstruction and new bridge construction, roadway construction, stormwater management and drainage, environmental, maintenance of traffic and traffic signals, utility relocations. Other CMI services provided under this contract include schedule reviews, construction contract procurement, construction stake-out, compliance inspections for erosion and sediment control as well as development of the MDTA’s Safety Program Manual.