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Mantua Greenway. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

After decades of deterioration, Philadelphia is welcoming the Mantua Greenway, a proposed walking and bicycling corridor that will beautify the area and enrich the cultural fabric of Philadelphia.

The 1.5-mile “Green Street” improvements will enhance the local environment by providing recreational and employment opportunities and by connecting residents with commercial and cultural destinations. WRA managed conceptual and final design phases, including inventory and assessment of existing conditions; public engagement; concept development; maintenance and management plans; and final design and construction documents. WRA combined standard public meetings and non-traditional activities over a condensed timeframe to sustain momentum and stakeholder support. The management plans satisfy city agency requirements; engage community groups in ongoing maintenance; ensure facilities remain safe, comfortable, and attractive; and extend facility lifetime, thus maximizing community value. Greenway designs, which include the linear on- and off-street bicycle and pedestrian facilities and four community spaces, incorporate principles of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design, green stormwater management systems, and ADA-accessible design.

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