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Greater Downtown Traffic Simulation and Demand Model. Kansas City, Missouri.

This hybrid macro/microscopic model is a true urban area model and has been used to evaluate projects ranging from a new streetcar to road diets along city streets.

The model evaluates motor vehicles, streetcars, buses, transit, and bikes, and pedestrians. The model is calibrated to accurately reproduce the AM and PM peak hour traffic volumes, match observed travel times along key corridors and can be used directly (without post processing) to evaluate multimodal transportation and land use scenarios. It also has a capacity constrained parking model that can be used to evaluate the impacts of special events or new developments on existing parking and the impacts of parking on pedestrian travel. The model has been used to evaluate the impacts of converting one-way streets to two-way operation, re-routing transit routes along key corridors, and streetcar operations. The model has been able to not only predict the operational impacts but also the impacts to travel demand along the impacted corridors, including the impacts on pedestrian traffic.

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