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Traffic Signal Inventory and Improvement Program. Erie County, Pennsylvania.

This project for the Erie County MPO developed an inventory of existing traffic signals countywide, determined needs, and developed cost estimates for signal improvements.

The project included meetings with each municipality to kick off the project and establish the needs. After the kickoff, field views of the 350 traffic signals in the county were conducted. Tasks included identifying and inventorying all components of a traffic signal controller, extracting timings and verifying information against the traffic signal permit plan. Additionally, the associated signal equipment was inventoried. The data was documented in a report with appendices that included the inventoried information along with pictures, recommended improvements, and cost estimates for each intersection. The cost estimates were developed in three different categories: the cost to bring each intersection up to MUTCD requirements, the cost of basic maintenance items for each intersection, and the cost to retime signals and upgrade intersections and/or equipment.

Services Performed