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Travel Demand Model & Socioeconomic Database. Centre County, Pennsylvania.

The Centre County MPO Travel Demand Model area included a major university and the update included significant refinements to reflect today’s fiscal challenges.

The Centre County Travel Demand Model was enhanced to provide better data for a wider audience. Significant updates include: Separating Home Based University Trips from Home Based School Trips, which is a major enhancement due to the presence of Penn State University in the model area; a capacity constrained parking module that accounts for the fact that automobile trips drive to parking lots and either walk or ride to buildings rather than driving directly to buildings; including walking trips in mode choice which is a significant mode of travel for campus & CBD trips in the region; including the traffic control at each intersection in traffic assignment, which is important due to the increased emphasis on operational improvements such as signal upgrades and construction of turning lanes rather than major highway widening projects.

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