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Building 3601 BEQ Renovation. Virginia Beach, Virginia.

A comprehensive AT/FP strategy for the complete renovation of a guest quarters facility was developed for a design-build RFP.

AT/FP requirements were developed for the complete renovation and conversion of a three- story, 183,500 SF guest facility into a Bachelors Enlisted Quarters (BEQ) to provide billeting to junior sailors. The effort involved evaluating the facility and site to identify applicable standoff distances to parking and determine the economical new wall section that could provide the required level of protection and thermal performance. Development of the wall section was closely coordinated with architectural and energy requirements. Re-purposing of the building increased the occupancy category and triggered the requirement for progressive collapse analysis and the associated mitigation measures, which utilized alternate path method and enhanced local resistance features. The progressive collapse analysis used a three-dimensional finite element analysis (FEA) model to determine the structural response and influence of the proposed collapse mitigation measures.

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