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Avrum Gudelsky Veterinary Center. University of Maryland College Park.

The newly designed HVAC system for this animal care facility provides comfortable, climate controlled spaces in support of animals’ health and well-being.

The project goal was to completely replace the HVAC system, while designing for the precise temperature, humidity, and volumetric air control for each animal space according to AAALAC requirements. Design included a new structural roof platform, two custom-built air handling units, ductwork, air terminal units, venturi air control valves, redundant laboratory exhaust fans, HEPA filter system, a new controls system, energy recovery system, and electrical engineering support.

The design features an energy recovery system that transfers heat or cooling from the exhaust air stream through a pumping system to the incoming outdoor air stream. Since the incoming air is pre-treated, it requires less heating or cooling to condition the air.

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