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WRA Oyster Planting Boat Trip .

On May 30th, 16 of WRA’s volunteers, along with members of the Healthy Harbor Partnership and the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, embarked on the Snow Goose with their oysters. After growing for nine months in the Inner Harbor, the oysters were being moved from their cages and transported to the Fort Carroll oyster sanctuary to live out the rest of their lives.

The trip was not only fun, but informational. Volunteers were taken to see the new Professor Trash Wheel located in Canton (which has collected 8 tons of trash to date), observed samples drawn from the bottom of the Harbor, and “went fishing” with a net to determine the concentration of marine life near the sanctuary.

After counting the average number of oysters on the shells, it was determined that WRA planted a total of approximately 54,100 oysters for the 2017 program!


WRA Oyster Planting Boat Trip