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Elisa Mitchell Graduates from Leadership ITE.

Elisa Mitchell, an engineer for the Baltimore Traffic Group, is a recent graduate from Leadership ITE! 

The Leadership ITE program focuses on true leadership development skills like working in diverse teams, developing self-awareness, deploying empathy, empowering others, becoming a high-functioning communicator, dealing with change management, and understanding your triggers. 

Through 55+ hours of classroom instruction, Elisa learned about these leadership qualities, how they apply to her personally, and had the 
opportunity to practice using them while working with her team on a group project. This program allowed Elisa to significantly grow her self-awareness and how that influences her interactions with colleagues. Leadership ITE is truly a unique program that connected Elisa with high-performing 
transportation professional across the County while taking her took her leadership abilities to a whole new level.

Through her group project, Elisa and her Team researched the leaky pipeline; why trained and seasoned professionals leave the transportation 
industry and how ITE as a professional organization can address this issue.