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Ever present is a philosophy of inclusion and valuing the ideas, processes and thinking of our people.

WRA is owned and operated by professionals who are actively engaged in projects, have technical expertise, high ethical standards, and a commitment to listen and be responsive to the needs of our clients and communities.

WRA stands for high quality, thoughtful work, contemporary and relevant thinking, and professionalism with a human touch. Our founding principles of intelligence, strategic thinking and genuine effort have made WRA an industry leader, one that continues to evolve and adapt. Our firm is owned and operated by technical experts who are actively engaged in projects and invested in obtaining the best results. WRA leaders encourage research, team dialogue and knowledge sharing across disciplines. Our collective attitude toward our people, clients and community is one of inclusion. We invite new ideas and enterprising thinking so that we may push the boundaries together in our quest to forge new paths to improving and perfecting the function and productivity of our world.