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Handy Whitman Index of Public Utility Construction Costs.

Many general construction cost indexes are published, but the Handy-Whitman Indexes are unique because they are specifically tailored to the utility industry.

In 1926, Ezra B. Whitman, a founder of this firm who was also the chairman of the Maryland Public Service Commission, became interested in the engineering aspects of utility regulation.  In 1934 when W.W. Handy passed away, his estate asked Whitman, Requardt and Associates to assume publication of the Index.

The Handy-Whitman Index calculates the cost trends for different types of utility construction. Separate Indexes are published for the electric, gas and water industries.

These are used by regulatory bodies, operating bodies, operating utilities, service companies, valuation engineers as well as insurance companies. Handy-Whitman Index values are widely used to trend earlier valuations and original cost records to estimate reproduction cost at prices prevailing at a certain date.

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