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Public Safety Building Expansion (Building 911). Susquehanna, Pennsylvania.

To support the upgrade of the Defense Logistics Agency’s police and fire departments, WRA designed several additions and renovations to the facility.

WRA assessed and documented the existing cabling infrastructure and communications systems that would be impacted by this renovation. Existing telecommunications duct banks and utility poles had to be relocated. WRA provided designs for the new communications duct banks and network cabling infrastructure both inside and outside the building. New cable trays and telecommunications rooms were designed to support the network expansion. Additional design was provided to expand the existing public address system in order to add coverage in the new areas.

In addition a 40-foot communications tower with multiple UHF radio and cellular antennas had to be moved and protected from damage during construction. The tower supported critical communications services and could not be taken out of service. WRA provided a design that allowed for the construction of a new tower and replacement antennas prior to removal of the old tower.

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