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MDTA Police Headquarters. Baltimore, Maryland.

The update to MDTA’s police headquarters building resulted in a new, modern work space for staff and brought the facility up to current MDTA standards.

WRA performed a study and provided documentation that identified the impact associated with the complete renovation of the police headquarters building. A new structured cabling system that covered both floors was designed to support the upgrades of the voice and data networks. Additional telecom rooms were added in order to meet the current MDTA network infrastructure requirements. 

WRA’s design identified the demolition requirements for the existing network cabling. The new structured cabling system design identified locations for work area outlets, specified the sizing and routing of cable trays for horizontal cable distribution and the sizing and layout of equipment racks and termination hardware in the new telecommunications rooms. The new cabling infrastructure included Category 6, UTP copper, single mode and multimode fiber and coaxial cable for CATV services.

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