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Maplewood Mall Reconstruction. Philadelphia, PA.

Maplewood Mall has played an integral role in defining Germantown’s historic character, but due to a lack of maintenance over the years, businesses and residents have suffered.

To redevelop Maplewood Mall as a premier public space that supports local businesses and institutions, creates a memorable pedestrian experience, and helps Philadelphia become the most environmentally sustainable city in America, WRA is performing professional services for planning, final design, and construction oversight for the $3.3M Maplewood Mall Reconstruction Project. Because the Mall’s physical infrastructure requires hefty improvements in both safety and aesthetics, a primary goal is to manicure the physical environment, opening the plazas up to greater visibility and attracting much-needed foot traffic. The project team also included a local artist as part of the City’s Percent for Art Program, which incorporates fine arts into public improvement projects. To enhance sustainability efforts, the project will be constructed with a permeable pavement system that will reduce stormwater runoff and thereby bolster Philadelphia’s impressive greening initiative.

*Rendering credit:  Ground Reconsidered 

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Landscape Architecture

This high profile multi-disciplinary project is being led by WRA’s Landscape Architects. Responsibilities include project management, existing conditions analysis, concept design development and coordination, public involvement, final construction document development, and construction assistance and oversight.